Friday, November 29, 2013

Krampus Arts Market and Music Fest

301 West 5th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
November 30th at 8PM

Upstairs will be converted into a pop up art market for the night with both local and national artists selling original pieces of artwork and prints directly to you. This is the perfect holiday event for your hard to shop for relatives and for picking up stocking stuffers.


* Anthony "TANK" Mansfield
* Jaimie "As You Wish..." Filer
* Christina Wald
* John Sebastian
* Snotty RLE
* Aaron Lambert Art
* Kevin O'Neil
* Justin Stewart
* Lauren Shears
* Jason Erler
* Dylan Speeg
* Mike Maydak
* Bret Crutchfield

But thats not all, KRAMPUS will also play host to THE ART OF WAR III: Day of the Return of the Jedi King! Watch as 8 artists compete in an tournament that is one part freestyle rap battle and one part Pictionary. Artists have 5 minutes to draw topics that are suggested by you the crowd and winner of the round is decided by you as well.

One top of all this Mainstay has a fully stocked bar on each floor so that you can drink while you shop, except unlike when your grandmother drinks vodka out of a Diet Sprite bottle at the Kenwood Mall you won't have to hide it. 

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Krampu loves what he does!

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