Thursday, February 13, 2014

Classes: Marlene Steele Teaching Figure Drawing Class at the Art Academy

Marlene Explains the Figure

Marlene Steele has a figure drawing class at the Art Academy starting on Sat. 2/15 thru 4/19
She needs a few more students. This is a multi media class: dry or liquid mediums are the student choice.  Charcoal, graphite, watercolor, pastel and ink are all possibilities. $200.

Listed in the Art Academy Community Ed program as: 
Drawing the Figure (Saturdays) with Cran Campbell (Now Marlene Steele)
Sat. 2/14 thru 4/19  10:00am -12:30 pm.
Contact: 513-562-8748

Mrs. Campbell is recovering from surgery and Marlene will be covering this segment last minute.

Check it out!

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