Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mural for Kyle's New Hope Animal Rescue.

It's a Paint-In!

I'm painting a mural for Kyle's New Hope Animal Rescue in Sharonville.  The wall is 27 1/2 feet long by 12 feet high.  I've got a lot of dogs to do, but after talking to some of you at lunch this week, it seems some of you might be interested in helping me out!  I'd be happy to open it up to any and all friends for a Friday or Saturday afternoon or evening.  It's for a good cause and the rescue's new digs needs all the sprucing up that it can get!   I have a number of dogs that could go up: labs, pugs, tripod dogs, one-eyed cats and dogs, all rescues from Kyle's.  If you're interested and want to size it up, the rescue will have a yard sale this coming weekend, May 17th,  from 9 am until 2 or 3 pm.  The location of the warehouse is 7245 Edington Dr. just off of Conrey Rd.  Look for the yard sale signs.  Please do consider visiting, and or helping out perhaps next week like the 24th (I hope that's a Friday or Saturday!   Any questions, call me at 504-1649.
 Monica Lira

Check out :
 pictures of  progress:

The Kyle's Logo

Everyone needs a pug to make painting ...more interesting

End of Day 1

Day two and the Pug in workboots are now orange, too!

Geometry in action.  Bet Pythagorus never had this problem
Note, Dave Hartz's projector.  What an amazing machine....

Day Three

Day 4.  The dog takes shape, stripes in sky

That's Sonny, a Shar-pai/Great Dane mix

 Day 5
With Skylights making it hard to trace with opaque projectors, Beach umbrellas are handy!
A shout out to Dave Hartz.  He loaned us his projector  till I got this one.


  1. An ENORMOUS undertaking! Thanks for the great post Monica!

    1. Thanks, Christina!
      I wouldn't mind having a painting party. The rescue is pumped about the thought of it. I mean to say that anyone wanting to paint a dog, could and I wouldn't mind if they did it in their style! I have a slew of acrylic paints there if anyone needs them. Friday or Saturday! Let me know!