Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Urban Sketching Seminar in Chicago

The group of sketcher from Chicago and all over! © Andrew Banks 2014
Vanessa Sorensen, Nora Young, Carla Franke, Carol Schwartz and I all met in Chicago for the sketch group's inaugural Urban Sketching Seminar.  (Here is their write up on their blog about the event.)

We were not the only travelers. There were other attendees from further away including Ontario!

Many who read this blog will remember that Carol moved away from Cincinnati to Milwaulkee a while ago and we all miss her at our weekly lunches!

It was a great weekend to get out in draw and photograph (check out Vanessa's awesome photography from the trip.)

Here are some of my, Carol and Vanessa's sketches:

Sketch fromDonald Colley’s workshop, Creating a Rich Drawing © Vanessa Sorensen 2014

 This was done in the How to Sketch like an Architect workshop presented by Joel Berman, of Joel Berman Architecture & Design .
© Carol Schwartz 2014

Sketch done on the day before the seminar. © Christina Wald 2014
Christina Wald and Nora Young at Wes Douglas's sketching on the iPad workshop - © Andrew Banks 2014
Vanessa Sorensen at the How to Sketch like at Architect seminar - © Andrew Banks 2014
© Carol Schwartz 2014
© Vanessa Sorensen 2014
© Christina Wald 2014
Saturday morning, we went on a little church architectural sketch tour. This is Vanessa and my sketches from the Holy Name Cathedral. Roger Ebert's funeral was here (not while we were drawing).

Christina and Carol sketching. It was VERY cold Sunday... - © Andrew Banks 2014

There will be more sketches to post and as I get them and links, I will post them.

Some more of my sketches are here: http://christinawald.blogspot.com/2014/06/sketch-workshop-in-chicago.html

More of Vanessa's Sketches here: http://nessydesigns.blogspot.com/2014/06/urban-sketchers-chicago-2014.html

See more of Andrew Banks' art and illustration here: https://www.facebook.com/andrewbanksillustrationandphotography

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