Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wise Temple Sketching Outing

Sketch by Christina Wald

We had a good turnout for sketching the Wise Temple downtown a couple weeks ago.  Christina, Jeb, Laura, Vanessa and Anne enjoyed the sunny weather at the corner of Plum and 8th St.  Above you can see Christina's sketch and below you can see Christina and Jeb in action.

Sketch by Jeb Brack

Jeb recently joined the illustrator group (check out his Lego drama here).  His wife Anne (below left) journaled and sketched the Pure Romance Building. I wish she had sent it to me to include in this post.  This was Anne's first sketching outing and she asked if we were quiet during sketching or if there was joyful banter.  I told her both occur intermittently.  It was also fun to sketch with Laura (below right) who looks like she was sketching outside a jail cell, but it was just City Hall.

If you are interested in sketching with us send Christina an email!

Sketch by Vanessa Sorensen

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