Sunday, January 24, 2016

CityBeat Feature on Carol Tyler and Gallery Show at University of Cincinnati

CityBeat did a cover feature on the super talented Carol Tyler.

She also has a show opening at UC on Thursday the 28th.

From the site:

Carol Tyler: "Pages and Progress"
Jan 28th- March 10th

Award winning American cartoonist, painter, writer, educator and comedian Carol Tyler has garnered acclaim and notoriety from both her peers and the public for her vision and unabashed openness. Her illustrated autobiography Soldier’s Heart: The Campaign to Understand My WWII Veteran Father, A Daughter’s Memoir” (2015) describes the relationship she had with her father and how his PTSD shaped her childhood. The adverse affects of her upbringing results in a tale of truth, connection, and finally resolution. The recent release of the book and the tangible culmination of ten years of work come to fruition as we find Tyler exploring the next chapter of her creative endeavors. This exhibition serves as the purging of the past with fragments of past projects, objects from her past and her fathers work shop. In addition, we present a collection of artifacts from her life and studio practice, which provides a look into the mind and spirit that molds her vision of the world.

Artist Closing Reception: Thursday, March 10, from 5-7pm
For Info: please call 513.556.2839 or email

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