Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clifton Performance Theatre poster design gig

I was contacted by a theater producer who is co-producing a play for Clifton Performance Theatre. They're looking for someone to create a poster for a show that's premiering in late June. I usually do CPT's poster work, but I don't have the time at the moment. It pays but not much, and I've always used these posters as just a way of doing something fun and out of the ordinary and as a way of helping fellow creatives.

Below is the synopsis and contact information:

The show is a work in progress called Fever. I am co-producing it with Clifton Performance Theatre, if all goes well. Workshop performances are June 30, July 1-3, July 6-9. I can afford to pay a small fee for a graphic designer to create our marketing image. This would be used for posters/fliers and on social media.

Here is a synopsis:
Amara wants beauty, freedom, and adventure. Devon wants to escape her life and responsibilities. Tisch wants true, meaningful love. Will Shakespeare wants all three of them. Through laughs, tears, booze, sonnets and a little help from the audience, these ladies find fulfillment in their own unique ways.

If you or anyone else are interested, please let me know at your earliest convenience. My contact info is below. (If you post this somewhere, please just use my email.)

Many Thanks,

Kristin Clippard
Freelance Theatre Artist
Directing Fellow for Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Shakespeare Theatre Association's Legacy 400 Co-Chair
email: kristin.clippard@gmail.com

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