Monday, May 2, 2016

May the Fourth Be With You Star Wars Tribute Show

It's a celebration of the Saga through the eyes of Cincinnati artists. Join us for the first ever May the Fourth Be With You Star Wars tribute art show. Over a dozen local artists will be showing their Star Wars-themed art, along with live art, droids, and other surprises. 

Food and drink proceeds will benefit the Force for Change charity.

You can't repel artwork of this magnitude!

Artists list:

Christina Wald
Kevin Necessary
Jaimie Filer
Anthony “Tank” Mansfield
Justin Stewart
Chris Reiff
Tim Fuller
Daryll Collins
Thomas O. Miller
Amy Bogard
Vanessa Sorensen
Sarah Rocheleau
Ben J Hutchison
Chad Taylor
Misha Knierim
Allison Craig
Josh Lusby
Sarah Lalley

Here is a sneak peek; but come see the show in person Wednesday!
The Brew House in Walnut Hills

Bith by Kevin Necessary
Finn from The Force Awakens by Christina Wald
Max Rebo by Vanessa Sorensen
R2-D2 Embroidery by Amy Bogard
Open the Gate! by Anthony "Tank" Mansfield

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