Thursday, December 14, 2017

Excellent Gifts From Local Illustrators Part Duex

Robin Ewers Carnes

Red Panda in Snow by Robin Ewers Carnes

2018 Cincinnati Icon Calendar, Cincinnati Watercolor Landscapes by Robin Ewers Carnes

Robin Ewers Carnes has a variety of prints, cards and original art in her Etsy shop including this gorgeous Cincinnati calendar.

Marion Corbin Mayer 

Marion Corbin Mayer has this lovely Fiona totebag for sale.

Jerry Dowling

Jerry Dowling's amazing collection of caricatures and portraits he has done over the years of county and Grand Ole Opry stars is still available!

Order it here:

Email Jerry's for payment options:

Sara Caswell-Pearce

Sara Caswell-Pearce has a limited edition, 9 color silkscreen "Cincinnati Brain" print 18"x24. Available at Indigenous, Wooden Hill, in the gallery at Brazee Street Studios, and in Sara's studio at Brazee for $65.

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  1. It's also available at the Friends Shop at the Main Library