Friday, December 15, 2017

Tim Langenderfer Art Demo at The Museum of Spiritual Art

Tim Langenderfer's St. Nicholas from last year

Tim Langenderfer will be painting a similar portrait of St. Nicholas (he painted the above in 2017) Sunday at the Museum of Spiritual Art in Franklin Ohio.

He will start with a blank canvas at 11:00 am and will have a finished painting at about 4:00 pm. Everyone who attends the museum Sunday will have a chance to win the original art as a door prize! It is not necessary to be there for the drawing of a ticket at 5:00pm. They'll deliver or ship the art to the winner. Whether you are there for five minutes or five hours you'll have a chance to win the painting!

For those interested, Tim will be discussing the drawing process and some painting techniques such as wiping out, "tile painting", form rendering etc. while he demos.

The museum is located at 318 S. River St. Franklin Ohio.

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  1. Cool, I never knew this museum existed. I will have to visit it sometime. Thanks,