Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Little Whale Fun

Here are some images from a book I did several years ago that came out and is available, but I never got any contributor copies. I had kind of forgotten about it and should check into it again.

The book featured a girl who is told about whale migration and how she imagines it in a cartoon form (she and her family are painted). It was fun to illustrate. Below you see the style contrast.


  1. These are great, Christina!
    Once every two years, I get a job where I have to put clothes on a fish or some related animal. It can be tough.
    I like the details, like the whale packing a bikini top in the background. Makes you wonder, "what the hell does that look like when she puts it on?"
    Good illustration often lets the viewer finish the story.

  2. Funny thing looking at this. The brochure does not show the whales in swimsuits at all. I did not notice till now nor did the AD. Very funny...

  3. Now I'm looking at it again. It's a pod of grinning males researching nudist beaches for whales in Mexico. The lone female is thinking, "Pervs! I'm going to Pismo Beach."