Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Illustrators' Lunch Annual Christmas Party

Yes, it is that time of year again! The Annual Christmas Party will be 6 PM December 20th (a Sunday) at Slatt's. We have a white elephant gift exchange, sketch exchange, and everyone shows off the work they have done during the year.

Please RSVP to Christina Wald by December 14th so I can give the restaurant a head's up!

Hope to see you all there and thanks to Brian Hagen for the fabulous cartoon on the flyer.


  1. Great job, Brian! I'm a-goin'.

  2. Love it - but who taught the kid the "delete" sign?? More likely to become an A.D.

  3. Great image on the card!
    We are big fans of the white elephant gift exchange format.
    We play an online version called AlbinoPhant every year, as a family.

    Have a great party!

  4. I hope we get a good turn out. Last year's party was really fun and it is a good way to meet everyone if you do not have time for lunch often.

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