Friday, November 20, 2009

Space Chasers

I'm teaming up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles director Roy Burdine to help develop his brain-child, Space Chasers (an out of this world kids adventure property). This is a piece of concept art for it that I did, and there are several more in the pipeline as well as who knows what else. The character designs of the red green yellow and blue guys were done by someone else, they were originally CG but I am doing it this way to bring some warmth to it.

Also, don't forget the Turtles Forever premiere tomorrow morning! woohoo mutants!


  1. This is so wonderful. Like a modern day Yellow Submarine.

    I am so sick of CG animation. I am glad you are steering away from it.

  2. Thanks Christina thats a cool way to look at it

  3. And, Darcy, you do such great things with your line.

  4. "I am so sick of CG animation"

    Me too, at least the character kind...I still love making mechanical things go round and round.

    Great characters, Darcy - looking forward to seeing more!