Friday, September 17, 2010

Cincinnati Comi Expo Saturday September 18th

The Cincinnati Comic Expo is this Saturday as Daryll mentioned.

In addition to Daryll Collins and Tim Fuller being there, other artists who will be there are:

Craig Boldman
Woodrow Hinton III
David Michael Beck
Mike Maydak
Chad Taylor-Chad is just getting started in comics and his second issue of his first comic The 5ive Footers is just coming out. Stop by and say hi! He will also have a signing at Clifton Comics in October.

And many others... It looks like a good show! Hopefully there will be pictures next week.


  1. I'll be there as well. Sounds like a good time. Hopefully there is a good crow.

  2. Does anyone know what hours the expo is open? CityBeat failed to put that in their article/Woody interview.

  3. ah rats - we'll be on the road during this...everyone else go see 'em!!

  4. Going to try to be there late afternoon.

    Brian it goes from 10-5

  5. Location:
    Cintas Center
    1624 Herald Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45207-7510

    Date: September 18, 2010
    Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
    Free Parking
    Entrance Fees:
    Adult -- $7 - click here to purchase ticket
    Students -- $5 (with ID) - purchase ticket
    Children under 10 – FREE with paying adult

  6. I was at the Cincinnati Comic Expo all day yesterday. What a great turnout! It was a blast meeting all the artists and so much fun to watch them sit there and crank out stuff while we watched. Wheels of talent and creativity turning throughout the whole thing.

    The panels were outstanding as well. I was pretty starstruck listening to Michael Uslan's keynote and shaking the hands of icons like Murphy Anderson and Allen Bellman. Bellman designed the official Expo poster and program cover - awesome! Can't wait to frame it. God bless those guys for making the trek to Cincinnati.

    Michelle Spelman