Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spring Sketch

I have been meaning to post this sketch here for a while. Since things are a little quiet, I thought I would finally put it up.

I will not get to final for a long while until I get some pretty big stuff off my plate. It is a companion piece to winter. I had hoped to do all four seasons for my Christmas card, but that looks pretty unlikely now.

Maybe for 2011...


  1. Very nice. I like the draftsmanship here. ow did you piece this together?

  2. It looks like you are refining the composition a bit in Photoshop. I do this as a general rule. I noticed recently that Peter de Seve is doing it as well. He has a nice posting on his blog right now that shows a lot of digital sketching.

    Do you have the entire series sketched now? I think the wire-frame skirt was a great idea for winter.