Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jerry Dowling: AAA Arthur's Article and Some Caricatures

Jerry did this amazing mural in Arthur's and there was just an article in AAA magazine reviewing the restaurant!

Also,  some new gift caricatures. Jerry says this is why he has missed many lunches lately...


  1. Amazing work Jerry! The mural is classic!

  2. Congrats on the press, Jer!
    I agree that the caricature mural is what really makes Arthur's stand out. Glad they thought to highlight it!

  3. That Jerry Dowling is really something. My grandpappy said the same thing back in the 1920's!

    That wall is a masterpiece! Nothing like it anywhere in the city. My head hurts just thinking about the time and effort involved.

    Great gift caricatures! The clients should be thrilled. I'm sure trying to fit all the requested items and last minute changes is the biggest hurdle on these jobs.

  4. Still waiting for Jerry to add me to that wall at Arthur's. Promises, promises...sigh.

    Yes, Jerry's one of the best at gift caricatures...certainly gives customers their money's worth. Publication-quality stuff!

  5. To Tad Aka Thaddeus.

    To be painted on the wall at Arthur's, money must be spent there, and Thaddeus has a wallet tighter than a ...... you know what.
    A caricature of Thaddeus would have to be drawn by Court Jones, who caught him perfectly.

  6. Maybe I'll just glue Court's drawing to the wall then...

  7. JD! Is this your first comment?
    Did you just join Blogger?!
    Why are you using Shermin the Vermin as your avatar?

  8. I just figured out how to do this. And my avatar is Dirty Rat, a vermin who was born long before Brian fathered his Shermin. Dirty Rat was created in the early 70s and he's been a regular in my cartoons ever since. He's appeared on other blogs, like Hal McCoy's fro a long time. Look for him on the recent gift illos I did last week. Dirty Rat could eat Shermin for lunch.

  9. I dunno. Shermin's got really pointy teeth. He's younger and has the gift of super-stench.

    I remember Dirty Rat from my high school days. Never knew he had a name.
    Welcome to blogging, Jerry!

    Now I have to watch what I say about you! :-)