Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dowling sports doodles


  1. New to this game of posting. Every year or so, I figure out something new.
    I'm drawing these sports cartoons every week and hope there will be enough interest down the road that some publications will pick me up.

  2. Jerry, watching the World Series as I type.

    Is the Enquirer going to run these?

    Maybe we need to protest in front of the Enquirer building,"We want Dowling!"

  3. Nice, Jerry! :) You've got some great work up here, man. If you need a protester, I'll join Daryll in front of the Enquirer building :P My uncle is John Kieswetter. I just recently reconnected with him. He's a pretty good guy. I'm sure he'd be tickled to know I hang out with you on Wednesdays :P

  4. Thanks guys.
    The sports editor at the Enquirer is Barry Forbis. He's been sent these but I'm getting the budget/space runaround from him. I'm keeping these local — so far, hoping there will be a couple that he likes enough that he will run them. I will start drawing national stuff later for my web site.
    Here's Barry Forbis' email.
    Barry Forbis

  5. Apparently, you can't attach email to these replies. email me and I'll send Barry Forbis' email to you.

  6. These are cool Jerry... I hope they run them too. I wish they had more original art in the paper again...