Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pictures from Books by the Banks

Carol Tyler and Sandy Plunkett 
 Books By the Banks was great this year. Lots of amazing illustrators and writers. I wish I had taken more pictures but traffic was pretty heavy all day.

Mary Kay Carson and I both have bat books and decorated our table on a total bat theme. We will be at Blue Manatee on the 23rd and Bat Fest the 30th, so this was a kick off of sorts.

Now if I can find an author for another elk book next year to share a table with...

Christina Wald and Mary Kay Carson-Photo By Tom Uhlman

John Maggard and the Poster He Illustrated

C.F. Payne and a little bit of Will Hillenbrand's Head


  1. Maybe I should write an elk book, Christina!

  2. Or maybe a bison book... There are a lot of festivals for elk and bison for some reason...