Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jerry Dowling: Blurb About Jerry's New Book in The Daily Cartoonist

From Jerry: An old Enquirer sports writer Mike Dodd, now at USAT and here to cover the Reds playoffs, did a review.

Dowling to publish baseball cartoon collection

Posted: 05 Oct 2010 06:51 AM PDT

Former Cincinnati Enquirer editorial cartoonist Jerry Dowling is putting together a book of his favorite illustrations and cartoons about the Cincinnati Reds. The veteran cartoonist did not always portray his subjects in a flattering light. When Marge Schott bought the Reds in the early 1980s, he drew the new owner with a super-wide grin and [...]

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  1. This is great Jerry. Let us know when the book is out. Are you going to any playoff games?

  2. I was denied credentials for the playoffs. Since I no longer 'work' I'm just taking up valuable space from more qualified so called working press who show up for the goodie bag and then are never seen again. However, it's cheaper and less crowded at home in front of the TV.