Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Giant Grim Wolf and the Girl in Crimson

This is a personal illustration of ...well I guess you could say its Little Red Riding Hood :p
I'm challenging myself to draw at least one portfolio worthy piece a week until I graduate!

Amanda Appiarius


  1. SO gorgeous!! Great color scheme, love the limited palette and dramatic red. I, myself, would lower one leg, so she's less on tippy-toes, but that's just me. Of course, if I did it the bear would be goofy, so perhaps I'm wrong. Anyway, quite lovely.
    Where are you in school?

  2. Great first post Amanda! Hope to see many more :)

    There is a nice A. Rackham feel to the background and I like the scale of the wolf.

    That is a lofty goal to do one portfolio piece a week while working on your senior thesis. Good luck!

  3. Welcome to the blog, Amanda!
    Your name sounds familiar —were you involved in that funny DAAP-student video that was passed around last year?

    I agree with Christina, this is a strong start —I really love the wolf's face!

  4. Welcome! That is a worthy goal! A friend and I give each other prompts each week to share with one another and on our blogs and Facebook. Nice work!