Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Here's the final layout for the 'Epic Tales' adventure series, folks. Enjoy :)


  1. This is nice, Justin.

    When Oliver gave his critique, he had a few suggestions to give the page a lift —most of which I agreed with. The one I most agreed with, was throwing a shadow under the banner to make the illo. recede a bit and make the banner come forward.

    If this hasn't gone to print yet, You might give that a second thought. I think this really needs a bit more depth.

  2. Chuck is right. It needs a shadow under the banner to bring it forward. Also, If this were mine, not that I could do the entire piece as good as this but — since the antlers are under the banner, I'd pop the tips up over it.

  3. I am not interested in doing a drop shadow. One of the plans I have for the images that will actually go into the image space is to design the art to have a darker top portion (not really dark value, just enough to pop the banner forward. Much like these:



    The image is also a bit washed out. It doesn't do that when I upload to Google or to Facebook, but, for some reason, I always have to compesate for Blogger. I didn't do that, here.

    Another plan I had for this series is to allow for the images to break the frame of reference in certain spots, specifically the bottom and sides. The banner can also be overlapped by the imagery. That I will do. I just do not want to put a drop shadow in. I'll upload this image, again, compensated, and with the antlers overlapping the banner. My inspiration was also a series of books I loved as a kid:


    Thank you guys for being so candid. Just because I do not use some suggestions does not mean I do not appreciate the critique. I do use some of the suggestions you guys present to me and your words push me to think in different directions I may not have considered. I have much to thank you all for. Thanks, Jerry, for offering your two cents worth. It means a lot.

    Thanks, guys,


  4. You guys should know that this cover is a 'false' layout. The elements are present, but, it is not an actual product. I created this to serve as a guide to help me when I actually do the image for the first adventure.

  5. You definitely need to follow your own muse.
    I hope it goes without saying that any suggestions I throw out are just that —suggestions. Not necessarily the best ones either. :-)

  6. Hey, man, I appreciate then, none-the-less. Thanks, everyone :) More work to come!