Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aw shucks!--final

Hello,again, Cincy! I'm calling the still life with corn FINISHED! (Sure, I could spend more time on it, but I'm happy with where it is. ....and the actual subject has shriveled beyond use!)

I like looking at my palettes when a painting is complete! Sad to scrape them off.....

I'm looking forward to surprising my (wonderful) allergist-doctor with this for his new office! (I told the secretary, and she's all about it. We're planning to hang it while he's with a patient for maximum-surprise-factor.)


  1. I love your in process shots. You could do an art book! You photos are nicely done.

    The finish is cool. Any plans for more still lives?

    Is this a corn statement on chips and coca cola?

  2. Thank you!

    I love shooting the process & looking over how it's progressing.

    I plan on making many more food still lives!

    Well, it's probably not as huge of a statement as everyone seems to think. When I started, I was imagining that I'd paint my 4 food allergies... but then couldn't really figure out how to paint dairy or gluten. (Glass of milk? Chunk of cheese? Yuck. I did throw in that piece of bread last minute, but I was really hoping for stalks of wheat....) (...and the peanuts got forgotten about....)

    So, I made it a corn still life. I went & bought those 5 fresh cobs, and set them up with the light. I always love to paint onions & garlic (...and as my roommates have pointed out, I eat those with nearly everything I cook) so I threw those in, too. Then I wanted something to really contrast in shape & color--and I ran out & got that Coke can & Doritos, since they're also corn-related!

    ??? I plan to make a much more direct "there's corn in what you're eating" statement soon, but this is really just a jumping-off point, and painting practice! (...and the largest I've ever painted!)

  3. The painting looks great, but the artist in me loves the close-ups best of all. I would love to hang both the corn tip and Coke can close-ups in my studio to remind me how to paint.

  4. Awww, thank you, sir.

    I prefer the close-ups myself.

    I need to hang up a sign in my painting room that says, "FAT OVER LEAN" to remind me how to paint. That's my biggest mess-up, always.

  5. everything Brian said - love the process and closeups - very nice!