Thursday, June 16, 2011

Writing Seminar

 A lot of illustrators are interested in writing their own children's books and I am often asked about local critique groups. Also, if you write or want to write graphic novels, this may be helpful from a purely story structure standpoint.

Dave Richardson (who you may know from Blue Marble) is doing a 3 hour writing workshop for the Kenton County Library system this Sat. (June 18).

It's for beginners/intermediate. He is covering some basics ( like formatting), but also story arc, voice, character, and a few others. There will be a couple of writing exercises and time to share, and an hour for submitted ms critiques with the group.

 It runs from 10-1 just down the street from the Kenton County Public Library on Scott Street in Covington (they are remodeling the top floor of the library at this time).

It's also a good place to meet the writers in the KCPL Writing for Children critique group.
They can contact Patti Richards at or call the KCPL and ask for her.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Christina. I'm considering going; it's a field I should know more about. Do you happen to know which bridge is best for pedestrians can walk on to cross the Ohio River?

  2. How do I find where on the campus to go? (I assume the campus has more than one building.)

  3. Hmmm, maybe ask Patti when you RSVP. I am not sure... I think the Roebling is the closest and has a sidewalk?

  4. Ooooh. I'm supposed to RSVP. I'm on it.

    By the way, how did you notice my response so fast? You must "subscribe by email." I'm so slow to notice these things. I just had a friend give me an hour-and-a-half online lecture on how it IS possible to market on Facebook.