Monday, June 13, 2011

Beth Akers: First post and recent work

Hi everyone! I've recently been added to this blog, and this will be my first work share post. I just graduated from the University of Cincinnati last weekend (majoring in Fine Art), and now I'm very excited to share my work with all of you. Any comments or constructive criticism is of course welcome.

Also, time for a shameless plug: I've been illustrating for an online graphic novel/literary journal called The Catalina Project. Please check it out if you have the time!

The Catalina Project main website
The Catalina Project facebook page

That's all for now! I should be able to start coming to the illustrator's lunches soon, so hopefully I'll see some of you there.



  1. Hi Beth. Great work. And Congrats on graduating. Especially like the last one.

    I went to the Catalina Project and honestly was a little confused by the navigation. I click on the first image which takes me to page one. Click again to page two. But clicking for page three doesn't work (at least in explorer) so I had to type in the url. Then clicking on page three takes me to a completely different story "The Cave In" Clicking on the uppermost image takes me back to what appears to be an image from the Catalina project. That was confusing to me.

  2. I like that the first piece is titled "Squish."

  3. @Bearman: Thanks for the feedback! Our site has been known to have some problems in internet explorer unfortunately. But our webmaster does know about it, so hopefully the navigation will be smoother very soon.

    I almost forgot I had named that file "Squish"... lol. But I think it's appropriate anyway haha.

  4. Glad to see your first post! Good luck on your graphic novel!

  5. Beautiful pieces you've put here. The first is a particular favorite.

    As a cartoonist, I'm intrigued by the graphic novel. Are you planning on mixing styles, or are we seeing a rough cut on the Web site? (If mixing styles, what led you to that decision?)

  6. Thanks Brian :)

    To me, the website is rather in it's baby stages at the moment. It could evolve in a different direction as the project builds up.
    However, as for the different styles, I think it's a combination of us trying to figure out what kind of media works for us (traditional v. digital), and perhaps trying to create different moods for the story being told on that particular page. We'll see where it goes!

  7. really nice work Beth, and congrats on graduating also!