Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fairy Tale Vector Illustrations

Posted for Justin since we have been talking vector for toy products, here are 4 images from a series I did for one of my toy clients 7ish years ago. All vector each for a different collection of fairy tales which explains the mash up of characters. It is in layers of line drawings that were streamlines. 

I actually cannot believe I found this on one of my old hard drives. I am a bit of a digital pack rat...  See if you can guess the stories in each image...


  1. Your style works really well with vector. I'm surprised you haven't used it more as an alternative to your labor intensive paintings. (Says the man who slaves away at perfect likenesses when crude marker scribbles would have done nicely.)

    Anyways, these are as appealing as your paintings.

  2. Maybe I don't know my fairy tales as well as I should.
    I'm stumped on the prince on the white horse and the queen on the throne.
    Is the last image all devoted to Sinbad?

    Not sure I completely agree with Brian. I see a lot of improvement from this to your recent work —particularly your handling of birds and animals.

  3. The princess on a glass mountain is a variation on Cinderella according to the Sur La Lune website.

    It was a fun project and when I look at it now, there are definitely dome different decisions I would make in some of the images.

    I am glad improvement is perceived. It is a constant journey so I hope I am not going backward yet :)