Friday, August 26, 2011

Hahana Beach

I've had this on my blog for a while and I thought with all the recent posts about vector graphics, now would be a good time to share it here.

Hahana Beach is a sports bar and restaurant that hosts professional sand volleyball tournaments. It opened up on Wooster Pike a year ago this week.

Last spring, just months before the big opening, I was invited by Parkey Design to help create a logo that encapsulates what the place is all about: fierce competition and fun under the sun that continues well into the night. Influences ranging from tiki kitsch and South Beach fashion to Melanesian tribal tattoos went into its creation. The fun part was creating a strong sense of personality while limiting myself to basic geometric shapes and a single line weight.

Above is one of my favorite versions that didn't make the final cut. You can find two others on my blog.

I've taken the family to the place a few times, and I highly recommend going on a sultry Saturday evening when you can sometimes play on the courts after your meal.
The menu (which I designed as well) is posted here.


  1. Chuck-I drive past this place daily, and I've often thought how wonderful their sign is. You did great job on it-I'm thrilled to know it's yours!

  2. Thanks, Viki!
    It means a lot to hear it's getting noticed!
    It's also gratifying that they use the logo extensively —it even serves as their Facebook avatar. I always wondered why they chose black on white for their outdoor signage —they have a big yellow sign made of wood inside that I like even better.

  3. Oooooooooooooh, I love it! Nice job.

  4. Hey Chuck - love the logo and didn't know it was yours! Our band has played there a couple times, probably will next season as well if it holds together(the band, that is). Let us know when you're there next for eats!

  5. I would love to check the restaurant out sometime. Do they serve lunch?

  6. John, I wish I knew you were there! I'll give you a call next time I go back. Please drop me a line whenever you're playing —anywhere!

    Christina, yes they're open for lunch. Here's the schedule: