Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vector Graphics

Howdy Folks,
Seeing all this talk about vector graphics - I thought I would show y'all the vector graphics that I have been working on lately. This piece was created entirely in Illustrator and is just an experimental painting. I plan on printing it out very large - like around 5 feet wide on a banner that will hang in a fine art exhibition.
I was wondering if anyone had any critical suggestions about it before I go ahead and print it out.


  1. I like this piece.

    Suggestion: in the bottom left-hand corner, you have this small appealing creature emerging from a hole. For me, this classic-animation-styled critter balances out the vector work, and I'd like to see him stand out more.

  2. Brian,
    Thanks for the suggestion. Your reference to classic animation is good because I see this as a still from an animated short and I want to continue to animate this scene. That is why I made it in 16/9 aspect ratio - for high definition screening. That critter is kinda different from the stylings of the rest of the piece.

  3. Makes me think of Futurama-in a good way.

  4. Daryll and Christina,
    Thanks for your comments - I appreciate it.
    Yes, I was thinking of some kind of futuristic or alien interior. I have really found that Illustrator CS5 is so much more robust than previous versions. I normally would have created this in Photoshop but am now switching most of my digital work to Illustrator.