Thursday, October 27, 2011

Books By the Banks 2011

Jared Lee, Jerry Dowling, Christina Wald, Jeffery Ebbeler at the Reception Friday Night

John Maggard and C.F. Payne signing books and posters

Me and The author, Carole Gerber, of Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer
Judy Collins Signing

Jerry's way cool, caricature of Judy She even signed it!

Jerry has more pictures and commentary here:

Here are some images Jerry and my friend Scotti took. There was a really good crowd this year. I bought a fair amount of books myself.  I regret I did not get pictures of all the illustrators though...


  1. Is it Suzanne Collins or Judy Collins?

  2. Judy.. I do not know where Suzanne came from. She is a totally different author-although it would have been cool if she was there too :)

    My brain shorted out...

  3. If you had "Daryll Collins", I would have let it ride. :-)

  4. Let's see; if Daryll Collins and Judy Collins had a kid...