Friday, October 28, 2011

Manifest Studio Wall

It's been awhile since I last gave a plug to Manifest.
One of the things I like about the drawing studio is the way artists are encouraged to pin up their art. While I'm drawing, there are always numerous examples of great work looming over me that inspire and otherwise bolster my efforts by setting the bar very very high.

These photos were taken at the old studio in the Essex building. The artwork on the walls was accessible to the public whenever the Essex hosted one of their Friday night Artwalks.

About nine months ago, Manifest moved the drawing studio to its current location in Madisonville. The art is still pinned up and frankly, it just gets better and better. The only problem is, without a regular open house event, there is no way to view the pieces unless you sign up for drawing sessions or take a workshop. To remedy this, Manifest has created a virtual studio wall on its website. You can view samples of the artwork done in the studio over the years.

This feature is in the early stages and hasn't been getting a whole lot of action. I thought I'd help by spreading the word. I have a couple of watercolors there, and plan to post more as time allows.

In the meantime, I'm still posting recent work (like the one at the top) on my blog.

update: 1/27/12
I've found a photo of Manifest's current studio in Madisonville. I think it's a beautiful environment to work in.


  1. That watercolor is absolutely stunning Chuck!

    I need to do some drawing at Manifest. I have been so buried... Maybe I should make time.

    Thanks for sharing the studio wall pictures.

  2. Thanks so much, Christina. (too nice!)
    Manifest is doing a lot of great things. At the very least, I recommend everyone seek them out on Facebook to get notices.

    Manifest has a new approach to its studio sessions that's probably worth mentioning:
    They threw out the concept of quarterly sessions (with specific starting and ending days). Now, you begin drawing at any time of the year. You sign up online and get a card that's good for 10 sessions. It has to be used within 3 months, but that still allows you to begin whenever it's convenient, and if you miss two sessions, you have a chance to make them up.
    I should also mention that attendance has been a little thin lately, which always makes it easier to choose a good viewpoint for drawing.

    For those who can only attend sporadically, both Manifest and XU (I believe) have single-session/walk-in options. I don't know about the Cincinnati Art Club and Dr. Sketchy.

  3. I am checking with Bruce about XU. I know nothing about Cincinnati Art Club's set up. If someone knows, drop a line. Dr. Sketchy is all walk-in.

  4. At least this semester, life drawing at Xavier is full. I wend to Cincinnati Art Club's site and did not see the life drawing info. If anyone knows...

    They do have a plein air group... I just got a plein air easel, so this spring.... Maybe...