Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Book Trailer: Why the Possum has a Large Grin

You all can probably tell I am really excited about this one.

I am so delighted to finally work with an author/musician. It made the trailer so fun! Yes, it is clear I watched way to many Warner Brothers cartoons as a kid...

I love this book; I hope people who read it enjoy it as much as I enjoyed illustrating it! (Out this Fall, 2012)

Warning: This song gets stuck in your head! (Although while editing, I probably listened to it 1000 times)


  1. Congrats. Love it...for some reason I have a taste for some possum stew though.

  2. Well, this is an old school folk tale. The possum is not so nice... Cute though...

  3. Awesome, Christina! It's gotta be a blast to see your drawings come to life like that.

  4. Looks great, Christina! Can't wait to add it to the growing collection!