Friday, July 20, 2012

Art Update

Here's some artwork I made recently. Sorry I haven't been to the lunches in a long time. I might be able to start coming more often. I'm supposed to get hired full-time in the next couple of months but until then I'm kind of looking to pick up a couple of freelance gigs.


  1. Some really lovely details on some of these images Joe. You have really been progressing. The expression and texture on the bear is my favorite but the light and palette on the landscape on the last image is also very successful.

    Have you been to the Henry Ossawa Turner exhibit yet at the Art Museum? I really liked his palette, really worth checking out.

  2. Thanks Christina I hardly get out of the house lately so I haven't been to the Art Museum in a while. I think I'll have some free time in the next 10 days so I may be able to go by and check it out.

  3. Really great stuff, Joe!
    Best of luck with the job prospects!

  4. I know it is sometimes difficult, but I find it is really good to get out sometimes even if you have to force yourself. I think it helps recharge, especially to see other exhibits etc.