Monday, October 29, 2012

Illustrator News: Marlene Steele

NBC E! Entertainment Series: "When Teens Kill"    October 30th  10:00PM    TV 14

This broadcast features the Andrew Conley Case which Marlene covered in 2010 as a courtroom artist. Drawings licensed to this show portray the convicted teen during the trial consulting with his counsel, the courtroom setting and the presiding judge overseeing the proceedings. In covering this tragic story, she consciously portrayed Conley's hands, the murder weapons, often clasped beneath the defense table.

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If you missed the exhibit: "ART & JUSTICE: Courtroom Drama Revealed in the Sketch"  
Loft Gallery, Middletown Ohio, you can see a selection of these historical documents on Marlene's website:
Go online at
Select the Courtroom Drawings tab under Figure Drawings on navigation bar.

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