Friday, October 5, 2012

Life Painting Friday

This painting was done in acrylic on canvas by Christina Wald

I just started a going to an 8 week "Painting the Figure" class at the Art Academy.  I have been meaning to go to one of the programs at Manifest, but was finally motivated to go to this because it is taught by my professor from University of Cincinnati Gil Born. He taught there for 40 or so years and recently retired. He was known for his amazing gouache painting demos of product and interiors.

In his retirement, he has taken up oil painting both landscapes and the figure.It is always good to see him again and of course paint...

Anyway, the first class was a lot of fun. One of my fellow alums (and occasionally lunch attendee) is taking the class with me. It is not so much a drawing class, the model holds one pose the whole session (this was a little under 2 hours). I did start with a loose watercolor sketch in my book.

Anyone else doing some life drawing/painting these days?


  1. Gil Born is a legend at DAAP. I took a rendering class back in the late-80's from another prof, and a lot of classmates were talking about what a great instructor he was. I'm sorry our paths never really crossed.
    I hope he posts some of his work online now that he's retired. I'd love to see it.

    Glad you're enjoying the classes at the Art Academy. I took several there (from the late Jack Meanwell and Ruth Pearlman) and got a lot out of them. I've found weekly life drawing sessions to be extremely helpful.

  2. I really enjoy figure drawing. It is hard to fit it in the schedule. I may try Manifest this winter though.