Friday, March 21, 2014

Book of Kells manuscript: now free

The Book of Kells, Ireland's 9th century illuminated Gospel manuscript, is available online for free.

This is a 2013 St. Patrick's Day act of generosity from the Trinity College Library Dublin, but this resource is so stunning, I thought I'd share it now.

Take a look at:


  1. That is a great resource. Thanks for the link Brian!

  2. Thanks from me too, Brian! These images are fantastic!
    I spend more time than I care to admit searching out and poring over illuminated manuscripts, and I could explore one page of this for hours. I'm no manuscript scholar, but these books are where my passions for art, type, and Catholic history converge. It's no small miracle that we still have them to enjoy and glean from.

    Another favorite of mine —especially for letterforms, is the Stammheim Missal, which is now owned by the Getty Museum. I wish the Getty was as generous as the Trinity College Library.