Monday, March 17, 2014

CAN Meeting: How to not get screwed as an artist

Make money, not starvation!

We are having a Cincinnati Animation Network meeting about basic business stuff like how to start a business, why to start a business, what it means to start a business, basic business terms, payment and invoicing, and how to apply business principles to your art. And also what some basic business principles are, because no one bothers to teach us these things in school:)

Please join us!  It really doesn't matter what kind of art you make, it's basically the same.

It will be on March 28th, at 7pm.

at Flaming Medusa Studios
3047 Madison Rd Suite 206A
Cincinnati, Oh 45209

email Darcy at to rsvp! I need to be sure I have enough chairs set up....

1 comment:

  1. Darcy, Can you elaborate a bit on the format?
    Is this a lecture, an open discussion or panel discussion?