Monday, October 13, 2014

Illustrator Spotlight: Dawn – An Original Comic Book by Cincinnati Locals

(covers of Dawn Issues 1 and 2, from left-right: Issue 1 special addition, Issue 1, and Issue 2)

Dawn is a comic book series created by Hamster Bomb Studios, an up-and-coming independent comic publishing studio made up of three local artists: John McCoy, Alex Healey, and Kim Wallin (Art Academy of Cincinnati, Mount St. Joseph University, and University of Cincinnati respectively).

The story of Dawn revolves around the humble and unusual life of Don Halliday, a man who actually lives his life out of order. This disorder places him in Binkley Institute, a psychiatric facility in an island city called Cinner’s Cove. There he is cared for by Dr. James Geats and studied by other doctors with less benevolent motives. Many who encounter Don and his frightful episodes are in disbelief about the reality of what is happening to Don, outside of the few who have seen enough to know his disorder is more than mental. Without Don, no one could conceive of the future that threatens the fate of Cinner’s Cove and the whole world, one filled with the disasters of a dragon apocalypse.

Dawn is written by Alex Healey and illustrated by John McCoy. Its first Issue, Memories in Ash, was released on September 5th, 2014 at the Cincinnati ComiCon, where Hamster Bomb Studios attended its second comic convention. Dawn Issue 2, Sirens and Cyclones, is currently in-the-making. A preview of its cover can be seen at the top of this post, to the right, alongside the first issue (middle) and the special addition first issue (left).

Hamster Bomb Studios has released two other comic books: infiREM, a graphic novel exploring the realm of dreams, created solely by Alex Healey (part 1 released 2014, part 2 in-the-making), and R, a time-travel series created by Alex Healey and Kim Wallin (issue 1 released 2013, issue 2 in-the-making). For more information or to order your copy visit

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