Thursday, August 6, 2015

Event Reminder- this is tonight Thursday 8/5/15!!

Just a reminder from your local animators!

Bill Plympton's indie animated feature "Cheatin" is happening in Cincinnati this Thursday evening 8/6/15

The feature will be followed by a Skype Q+A with Bill Plympton as well. This is a great opportunity to not only see a different type of feature but also to ask questions of a man who has produced multiple features on his own and has had a lot of really big clients too. He's basically the ultimate freelancer, which is why he's called the King of Independent Animation.

Cheatin' Still- Bill Plympton
We are also meeting up after for a drink! Look for a group in the lobby afterward and we'll walk from there.

Here are details:

Esquire Theatre, Cincinnati
tix: $9.75
Student tix: $7.50

Email me at with any questions :)

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