Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scott Hamilton

Illustration for Cleveland Magazine. Scott Hamilton as an ice skating commentator.


  1. Wow, this is really awesome!
    How long does it take you to do the digital painting?

    I remember playing with Painter a few years back, but I always missed the hands-on process of paint or clay. Looks like you're enjoying your process, though!

    That's so great you're still getting lots of work from GLP. They've thrown some fun projects my way!

    Keep it up! :~)
    Paula P.

  2. Great interpretation of a ripe character, Ryan....

  3. This is my favorite post so far of yours Ryan!

    What version of Painter did you say you use? I am thinking of getting the 10 upgrade because I am worried 9 will not work with Vista but I have not installed it on the new computer yet.

  4. Ha! This made me laugh, and I didn't even know Scott Hamilton. I just enjoyed the combination of grace and the great awkward head.

  5. Thanks! The finals (like this one) usually take about 8 hours to complete - depending on complexity/size. It's considerably faster than when I work in acrylics/oils. I remember trying Painter in one of its earlier versions and being totally unimpressed. The newer versions (I'm using 9), combined with the speed of newer machines, make it a much more powerful tool. Has anyone compared 9 with 10? I'd like to know if there's a compelling reason to upgrade.