Saturday, January 31, 2009

Animal Tracks

I JUST got the printed sample of this in the mail. It is the November/December issue of Scholastic News. They did a great printing job!

It was fun to paint a Canadian Lynx. Despite the variety of cats I painted for Big Cats, this species was not one of them.

Below is what the printed issue looks like.


  1. Having worked at a newspaper (it's like printing on toilet paper) for almost eight years - I can appreciate the value of seeing your work properly reproduced.

  2. The small version of the magazine is on newsprint. (This is the poster on a nicer paper). It does require a bit of tinkering to get it to print like I want.

    That is often the unknown variable. Papers and varishes have a huge effect on color. Of course I am probably overly sensitive to subtleties.

  3. Subtleties? What are those. HA. We just had a print ad run in a magazine for some in house promotion (I'm in advertising/marketing now)and I was amazed that the color red exists!

    By the way, great animal work. I'm not sure why everyone keeps making illustrations with snow and ice? Is it winter back in Ohio or something?

  4. Very funny. Thanks for stopping by and taunting us with your warm weather :)

  5. I love your cats Christina. Nice job.