Monday, October 19, 2009

Loren Long Book Signing

I received this notice via email today:


This email is to introduce Loren's new picture book, Otis. Otis is the story of a spunky little tractor who befriends a baby calf on the farm. To learn more about Otis, get activity sheets, and see a video about the book, go to

Loren will be presenting and signing Otis this Saturday, October 24, from 5 to 6 pm at The Blue Manatee Bookstore in Oakley as part of their 20th Anniversary celebration. The address is 3054 Madison Road in Cincinnati, OH. Check out their website at

Come one, come all and celebrate the 20th anniversary of a special bookstore and get your very own copy of Otis signed and personalized by Loren!

Otis was a special tractor.


  1. The book looks really cool. I am going to try to make it this Saturday. Thanks for posting Ryan!

  2. "Otis was a special tractor."
    Ohmigod! Otis is dead already!?
    Seriously, Congrats to Loren! I'll do my best to make it also.

    Also Congrats to all of you at BBTB this weekend. I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces. I wish I had more money to spend that day, but I promise: if I haven't bought a book of yours yet, I will!

  3. Looks like another good one...!

  4. and it is! Haven't seen the book yet but it's listed on the NYTimes Best Sellers list already!

    the Enquirer site won't let me copy the url -?- but the story is in today's paper - 10-22-09.

  5. Thanks for adding that John! If I remember correctly, Otis debuted at #6 for children's books last week.

  6. Dave H, Troy and I are going before a goth vampire party. I hope the kids will not be frightened by our attire...