Wednesday, October 7, 2009

wonderful graffiti animation

Howdy Folks,
  Today at lunch I talked about this wonderful graffiti animation that is incredible. Please check it out here:
If you cannot bring it up just google muto or
 By the way, I just uploaded an image of my cartoon page but in the preview compose panel it showed up as a negative with strange colors so I deleted it. Does anyone know what is up with that? Has it ever happened to anyone else?


  1. I had that happen once and found that it was in CMYK-by changing it to RGB it was okay. Don't know if that is the problem for you tho.

  2. wow...incredibly ambitious and about expanding the canvas! I had to go back and watch the running teeth a couple more times.

    Thanks Dave - I hope you can re-post the piece you mentioned.

  3. Ahh Ha!
    Viki - thanks for the note. I will bet that is exactly what happened. The image was in cmyk mode. I will convert it and post it later.