Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shepard Fairey the balloon boy of copyright?

Shepard Fairey the balloon boy of the copyright world?


  1. A new post from Scott! Thanks, and welcome back! The story does get more interesting, but unfortunately now it's about perjury and deception and we'll never see how the court rules on the subject of originality and fair use.

    The last line is perplexing. How many photos Fairey went through to find the perfect image is absolutely beside the point. If anything it damages his case. By insisting on that one photo among thousands, he makes the case that the work of the photographer was not just happenstance or a means to an end, but in itself an icon of indispensable value. Seems there was something about that picture that Fairey couldn't do without, so he lifted it. (See Sita Sings the Blues.)

  2. Chuck,
    Good point. Here is a link to a bunch of artists that have been ripped off.

  3. It will be intersting to see how the case is resolved.

  4. Chuck- what about Sita Sings the Blues? I know a filmmaker who did that film, but am not sure what you're referencing.

  5. Darcy, Sita is another example of a contentious copyright case (concerning the Anne Hathaway songs in the soundtrack) Apparently the rights to the music weren't cleared before the film was made. There wasn't a drawn-out legal battle, but the mess definitely influenced the way the film was marketed.

    As far as I know, only one person made the film, do you know Nina Paley?