Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jerry Dowling: Another Twelve Way Comic Sneak Peek

Just in time for the Day of the Dead, here is another page from the comic anthology by Jerry featuring a variety of zombie caricatures. Jerry's comment about the piece: "Shows what effect Marge Schott and Mike Brown have had on my brain. And those two zombies are coming in the next couple drawings."

Try to guess who each celebrity zombie used to be in life... A fresh, delicious brain for the winner!


  1. This is a great, fun piece Jerry!
    I'll take a stab, but I'll use initials so as not to completely ruin the fun for everyone else. Clockwise from top: MM, PH, DT, RO'D, MJ, TB?, HC.

  2. From the bottom in the mud and going counter-clockwise: ROD, DT, MJ, ?, ?, HRC, NP.

  3. Chuck I think you got them all right but not sure who is between MJ and HC. I am not sure who you even mean by TB?

  4. I was guessing Tony Blair, but I think Christina's got it. It's Pelosi!