Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Print Trader: There's still time!

Just a last-minute reminder that the Print Trader event is coming up fast (December 1) and all of you are welcome to attend. Please e-mail Brian Steege if you are interested in bringing 3 prints and joining the swap.
If you'd like to mingle and observe, simply come on down.

A few other details:
  • There will be live music by Gorilla Fish Cat.
  • There are no restrictions on artwork, although prints are highly recommended.
  • Prints may be signed or unsigned. It’s up to the artist.


  1. I was all set to participate and then I noticed it said "legit artists" haha

  2. I think Brian's trying to discourage the down and out performance artists who baste themselves with tartar sauce and add a placard that says "visual experience #52 —take me home."

  3. OK, that just made me laugh out loud :)