Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adena Illustration

I just finished my most recent illustration recreating the Adena Culture in West Virginia. The illustration is one a number of images celebrating different historical moments in the state's history. The piece is 30" x 40" and is mixed media.


  1. I really love this, Bruce! Excellent work!
    I particularly like the way you've organized the image with color, assigning earth tones to the people and dwellings, and keeping the landscape in teal hues. Your attention to values make it all come together and seem very natural. You've broken a few rules of good composition, but for a mural, it's perfect. The viewer is invited to roam about the scene instead of focusing on one thing. The silhouetted figures coming over the hill in the dead center are a nice touch.

    Show us more!

  2. Great post Bruce! I would love to see this in person toy see the scale and detail. 30 X 40 is a daunting size.I like your handling of the foliage details.

    I hope to see your show at Xavier. How many pieces do you have in it?

  3. Mighty impressive Bruce.

    How tough was it to research the Adena Culture before you created the painting?

  4. Sorry for the delay in responses. Many thanks for all of the comments. Chuck, I understand. I had pretty limited choices about the way things could be portrayed, where to put them and no freedom in the items themselves.

    Christina, yes it is huge! The opening went well. I have about 10 pieces in it I think.

    Daryll, I had lots of help with the specifics since there are two historians working on the project too. The problem was none of the reference was at the angle/ perspective I needed! Big surprise, huh?

  5. Bruce, I apologize if it sounded like criticism. I think you went against what's conventional and it really works! It's an excellent mural!