Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Work

This may be a little redundant for those who attend the lunches or check my blog but for those who have not and those who have been asking for a post, here you go.

• a comic/graphic novel Cover for a Kolchak: Monsters Among Us should be out next month I think
• an inked sketch of Uncle Creepy
• some sketch Cards I did for Moonstone probably floating around on Ebay somewhere except for the Kolchak
• and finally here's an in progress of Hammer's Christopher Lee as Dracula


  1. Awesome stuff, Woody! I'm impressed by the skin on the Farmer's zombie wife. Yeaaugh! Can't wait to see the cover with all the type. (assuming the designer come thru for you!)

  2. Great work Woody! That Christopher Lee portratit is dead on (no pun intended).

    Chuck, your graphic design commet is also dead on...

  3. Crap speaking of lunch, actually in town this week and forgot to find out where lunch was.

  4. Wow! Fantastic work as always Woody.

    Hope one of the local comic book shops I frequent will carry your cover of the Kolchak comic.

  5. Thank you all for the kind words, Chuck they did a pretty good job on the last cover so I have some faith, also agree with Daryll you should be working for Disney. Daryll I'll let you know when its in the comic shops, if not I'll get you a copy.

  6. great stuff as always, Mr IIIrd...