Thursday, January 21, 2010

Around the World

This is one of 10 full-page illustrations that I did last summer for the Reader's Digest book, Amazing Quiz Challenge last summer. I hope to post more of these within the next couple of weeks.


  1. This is what excellence in illustration is all about. The layout, color, technique, character design and body language/personality all working together at the highest level.

    Chuck, this book is available now, isn't it?

    Hat's off to you, sir!

  2. Absolutely amazing! Great pose on the girl...

  3. Thanks, guys! You are too kind.

    Daryll, you left out the most important things: I got it done on time and on budget! :-) The book is on sale, but it's mail-order only, and frankly, I'm not sure how to go about buying it.

    I'll post more of the illos. when I get a chance.

  4. Great fleshiness in your figures, too. Look at that seal - I can see the flipper broadening to support the weight of his body.

  5. love the contrast between the two kids and their climates...

  6. Thanks, Guys! I'll try to post more.