Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The guys I've been working for have started posting pages of the webcomic I've been working on. Visit and click on Door to Door on the left to check it out. They'll be uploading a page nearly every day for a while. There are about 5 pages of straight up sequentials and then it changes modes to a bit more like an encyclopedia.

Anyways working on a ton of stuff. Hope to be able to announce more of it soon.


  1. I love this, Joe! Especially the tree design.
    The expression + body language of the monster really communicates well.

    BTW, Is that LAX in the background?

  2. Hah, I've never seen LAX. I don't mind if others think it is. That'd be funny.

  3. Interesting site. It is an online comic company?

    (Like the image too-has that 70s sci-fi feel to the design despite the 3-d feel)

  4. They mostly just release the comics on the web but they also go to conventions to sell their anthology.

  5. We also publish on and iTunes, and we sell our Anthology on our webstore: