Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Map

Hey, guys, here's a new map I just finished.


  1. You sure pack a lot into these. I have a friend who does traditional illuminations. You would probably be into (and good at) it.

  2. Have you seen this:

    It is an all fantasy worlds map.

  3. Thank you, Christina :) This is awesome! Is that the friend you were talking about? If you have some links to the guy's work (if it's not Dan Meth), please send them to me.

  4. Nope, it is a different guy:

    His name is Randy Asplund and he is a really nice guy (who lives close-ish in Ann Arbor). He has been on some National Geographic specials showing his techniques.

  5. I think this is really fun, Justin!
    I know nothing about the parameters of this assignment, so take these comments with a grain of salt:

    Love the way the tall statue doubles as a compass mark.
    I also love the giraffe-ish creature in the lower left. (much more than the lion and elephant)

    I also like the damsel in the lower right with the dragon. I wish you could add some blacks there to bring them out a bit.
    You have a few restful areas of white, but I think a few areas of concentrated black would be nice as well, to draw attention to the whole piece. Those type blocks give you the opportunity.

    Overall, a great job!

  6. Thanks, guys! :) I appreciate it. And, Christina, THANK YOU, for sending that guy's artwork to me. I've been getting very interested in this type of illumination. I have been re-watching the old Disney movies. I think 'Snow White' is my favourate of the whole group (at least in terms of style and decor). Cinderella shows a lot more of the type of illumination your friend does. Tim Hildebrandt also used these types of stylistic elements. Thanks, again, I do appreciate it. I've been looking for ways to enrich my work with details that make the scenes seem vivid and real, loveable.