Thursday, February 10, 2011

World Fire Sculpture Competition results

Here are the results of the World Fire Sculpture Competition in Estonia. All the teams created the first sculpture in blizzard conditions. It was very harsh and when the sculptures were lit - it was snowing so hard that the flames were almost completely horizontal. I was lucky that my gear held up to the conditions and we finished building the piece in the time allowed. I posted a photo of the gear that I wore. Gunnar, who has built rooms in the Ice Hotel in Sweden had mentioned that if I could work under those conditions then I could work anywhere - like the arctic.

We felt lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the final competition. However we did not win any of the prizes. First place was Lithuania, second place was Latvia and third place was Estonia.

You can see some video of the burns that I videotaped at this link:
You can also read another article about the competition here at Soapbox Media:


  1. Amazing Dave! Hmmm though... Seems a little like judge's bias if Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia got the top prizes...

    The video is incredible. You should make a longer film.

  2. That is fantastic Dave!....I agree with Christina.....sounds a little biased

  3. This just might be the most unique thing I've seen on this blog yet. Can't help wondering —how does a competition like this ever get started?
    The judging looked funny to me too —until I saw the entire video.
    I think I'd give my vote to any fire sculpture that dares to "rock the boat".

    Thanks for your excellent documentation, David!

  4. seems like all the winners were right around that area - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. However, if I was judging, I probably would have come very close to same conclusions.

    I have over four hours of video and plan to make a short film of the event that I will edit down to 20 minutes or less. I will post here when I get it all done and am ready to have a showing.

  5. This looks like it was an awesome time. I very much want to visit that area, sometime in the near future.